When in doubt, buy something Beautiful for your friend. Afterall, can we ever have enough cosmetics, smell good things, bubble baths, spa treatments? Nah! I have a bathroom filled with lovely beauty gifts I have been given or have presented to myself. It is mighty fun not spending the hard earned dollars on these type of things. Here are my suggestions for gifts of beauty that will get you kudos for your great taste, from your favorite friend. Wish we had Smell Shopping here!

Isn’t this a pretty little bauble? Besides being lovely to look at, it is filled with 40 Ounces of Wish no23 bubble bath. Admitingly, I haven’t tried this brand, I am only recommending it on looks alone….the bottle is gorgeous! But how could you go wrong with notes of Rice Flower & Bergamot, Almond Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, and Avacado Oil, and bubbles? It is sure to soften the heart of any recipient! $48.00 at PinkOliveBoutique.com

Now here is something I can talk about! The Lollia Relax Eveining Bubble Bath is a great gift for anyone on your list. I received this as a thoughtful gift from Ms. Barbara, and I really enjoyed it. Not only does the scent send me…think white flowers and fruit oil.…the vitamin E oil leaves you feeling silky long after the bubbles have gone. Equally as lovely is the cork sealed bottle! The recipient will feel as if she is opening up a bottle of fine wine! Terrific gift that will leave you smelling pretty! $ 32 at lollialife.com

Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Milk Souffle is my “go to gift,” for girlfriends I love. Why? Because I love and use this product myself. The fragrance is irresistible…at least my husband thinks so. With notes of almond, coconut, vanilla, and powdered sugar with a hint of cinnamon, it smells good enough to eat. It comes in a very large jar (12 ounces) and keeps you moisturized all day. I wear it to bed at night and smell and sleep very sweetly. Scrumshish! $55 at LauraMercier.com

Orgasm Lip Gloss And Nail Polish Gift Set ($40 Value)

Do you have a friend who is looking for The Big O? Of course, you do! Well, here it is, and whether you buy dinner is up to you. Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss And Nail Polish Set is a must have. The color is fantastic…kind of a peachy pink that gives you that “afterglow.” Gloss is gleamy great. I haven’t tried the nail polish, but I think it would be a perfect toe nail color! Wonderful present for any girlfriend….without strings attached. Found only at Sephora.com for $30.

Nail the perfect gift…….The Robertson Exclusive from Chanel Cosmetics! Designed in a limited edition jst for the shopping mecca Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. California cool colors are as bright and fun as a California day. Besides the names with attitude and the quality of Chanel’s nail lacquer, your gift becomes even more special as these great polishes can only be purchased on Chanel.com or at The Robertson Chanel Boutique. If you have a big gift budget, give all for colors or add a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure to your favorite color. $25 each at Chanel.com