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For The 2009 Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s… have to give them props for all they have done for us over the years. Why not delight them with something different this year? Enjoy this collection of ideas I have for you! Is Dad a bicycle enthusiast? If so, Sweet Skin Z has some revolutionary tires that glow in the dark with full color graphics during the day. Available in orange flames or red/yellow stripes at for $40.00.

If your dad is a scuba diver, snorkeler, or even a backyard swimmer, he’ll enjoy a new way to take underwater photos with this Digital Underwater Camera and Video Diving Mask. With 16MB of built in expandable memory and a price tag of $99.50, this is a gift that almost any Dad would enjoy! Avalable at

Digital Underwater Camera & Video Diving Mask

Almost all boys love their toys, especially when they come with 4 wheels and some horse power! Paolo Tumminelli’s book, Luxury Toys Classic Cars, covers over 45 rare classic cares made since 1945. At $50, this is an affordable luxury gift. Available at

Luxury Toys Classic Cars, Hardcover

I know there is alot of Father’s who love the sport of golf. Women can never have too many pairs of shoes, and golfers can never have too many golf hats. Why not get Dad a hat from one of the most famous golf courses in the world, Pebble Beach? With a click of your mouse, you can have one on its’ way to Dad’s house this year…straight from Pebble Beach, California. This Contrast Stitch cap is a quite stylish and features the Pebble Beach logo. $29.50 and available in 5 colors. Speaking of Golf…… will be a cool dude or duffer on the course in these Nike Snare E Golf Sunglasses! Designed to keep his eye on the ball with true colors these Nike Max Optics offer a state of the art frame. $159 at

Is your Dad a road warrior? If he spends much of his time in the car, here is a nifty little gadget from The Ear Lite, will help dad read maps in the car, or read anything wherever he is. This little 2.5 x 2.5 ear piece concentrates a beam of light whenever you need it. At $12 it is affordable for every budget. Also from is The Book Of Cool. If your Dad’s cool quotient could use a boost, this gift is the total tool for cool. Not only is it a book, but it comes with over 9 hours of CD’s with expert demonstrations on casino tricks, football moves, pool shots and so much more. I have first hand knowledge as we own this gift. It is packaged in a, well, cool slipcase. Very impressive! $40.

This next idea from isn’t the most exciting gift, but probably beats underwear and a tie. If your Dad is a Soccer Dad or a Bleacher Bum, he will appreciate The Portable Gel Seat. It relieves pressure on Dad’s deriere while at a game, behind the desk at the office, on the road in the car seat, and any type of sporting event. Bottom Line….your dad’s bottom will love it. $59.95

product image Portable Gel Seat

Everyone know the best way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Eleni’s Cookies has you covered in the sweetest way. These Play Ball Sugar Cookies arrive 16 to a box for $59.00. Add tickets to his favorite baseball team, and you will have Daddy eating out of your hand! Score them at

If Dad has ever been to Chicago, he might have enjoyed a good meal or two. You can now order some of Chicago’s most famous food items from It is a good service, and I have used it several times for gifts. Some of the food offerings are from Carson’s Ribs (the best ribs in town), Portillos (where there is always line for their hot dogs and more), Garrett Popcorn (everyone’s favorite caramel popcorn), Lou Malnati’s Pizza (it’s great Chicago style pizza), Eli’s Cheesecake, Long Grove’s Old Fashion Brown Bag Apple Pie (killer!) and much more. Prices include delivery. Wouldn’t your Dad love a Taste of Chicago?