Yes….you read the title right. I don’t know where I have been… but today I discovered Camileon Heels. Had to tell you about them right away!

Camileon Heels are a genius idea of brother and sister team Dr. David and Donna “Lauren” Handel. They have a patent pending…positively perfect design of adjustable heeled shoes….that will take you from sexy to sensible in a flash! No more lugging an extra pair of shoes to work. Run for the bus with lightly padded foot pads and slip resistant toes……and get to work on time and in comfort. No more achy feet after an 8 hr. day. You will be able to heighten your look with a twist of your hand…..for cocktails at night. More styles can be found and purchased at

Take a look at some of the clever creations. Pictured above is my favorite style…..the Mariella. $300

The Daphne is $260 and makes a statement in red. The statement is “I’m a smart cookie and I am not afraid to be comfortable and look stylish at the same time!”

The Camelia is a sleek and chic Mary Jane. Love the pointy toe. This style will always be a classic! $325

Here’s how it works: Straight from the Camileon website

Adjusting CAMiLEON Heels from high-to-low heel positions is accomplished in three easy steps:

Step 1
Secure one hand around the top of the heel, while the other hand pulls straight down on the lower half of the heel to disengage it from its upright locked position.
Step 2
Push forward on the lower portion of the heel until it stops moving and is stowed directly under the arch region of the shoe.
Step 3
Push straight backward on the tip of the stowed heel until it is recessed slightly into the upper heel cavity and secured in its locked position.
Once the adjustment has been made from a high-to-low heel position, the upper edge of the stowed heel should no longer be visible. To restore the heel back into its full high heel position, simply reverse the previous steps.