Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Show your sentiment with style this year! Here is an edited list some of this season’s sweetest gifts for all of the loves of your life. Give stylishly without breaking the bank…..or a heart!

Get graphic with your feelings……..Graphic Image.…..that is. The Mini Envelopes in V-Day Red or Not So Basic Black, is a stylish way to say “I love You” and to carry business cards, calling cards, or credit cards. Lined in gold leather and comes complete with 4 creative calling cards: I Love You, Secret Admirer, Be Mine and Lips (graphic). $18 at

Smitten Cupcake Bath Bombs gallery

Tell then they are the bomb with the Smitten Bath Bomb Set! These are a sweet treat for the bath and the body. Handmade and moisture rich..these bath bombs will soften the water and pamper the skin. They are for any sweetie on your list……be they solo soakers or cupid’s couples. A sweet treat! $20 at

Kiss Me You Fool! Add a little romance this Valentine’s Day…….and seal it with a kiss! The Book Of The Kiss will proclaim your love and leave something for them to remember you by! A reproduction of a charming book originally printed in 1914. This little gift proves that you can buy love for less than $10! for $9.00

Saying it with flowers is always an old standby for V-Day. This year add some burning love to your gift. From floral artist...Jane Carroll….The Kobo Scented Candle with Fresh Red Roses……is an unique way to say I love You! The candle is a beautiful blend of mango and jasmine. It will burn 70 hours ……keeping love alive way past the 14th. The roses are artistically arranged in a 4 inch mound. Adorable! Save 10% off with Coupon Code: LOVE $89 at

Amber Hagen cashmere dress, heart.

For the little fashionatta! She’ll break your heart when wearing Amber Hagen’s Cashmere and Cotton Heart Dress! Graphically adorable and as soft as she is. Available in size 6 – 12 Months. 12 – 18 months on backorder. $ 98 at Save an additional 25% with Coupon Code: groundhog Expires: 02/09/09

Who can resist a Rubber Duckie? Let them know that “they are the one” with this adorable duckie duo! Great for the big and little loves of your life. Set of two for $4.23 at

Put an end to Junk Mail! Hanky Panky’s Love Letter Low Rise Thong will make her go wild! Both sexy and sweet……this clever gift comes with its’ own mailing envelope. $20 at

‘Tis the season to speak his language of love……..BASEBALL! The Beringo suede baseball is a home run gift (or at least will get you to first base) for all of the men in your life. Handmade and handsome. Play Ball for $25 at

secret message cuff links

Let him wear your love on his sleeve! The Secret Message Cuff Links allow you to leave a new love message for him day after day. Made of stainless steel with a classic design…..these cuffs come with tiny scrolls with the following messages: “Born to be wild. Live to outgrow it,” by Lao Tzu and “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do is in harmony,” by Mahatma Gandhi. Also included are two blank scrolls for your own special love letter. $49.95 at has some great Coupon Codes for Red Envelope. Click here.

Something for your BFF (Best Friends Forever). You will be WC (way cool) when you gift a tween or teen with this Text Talk Note Stack. Three 100 page pads might get them off the phone and writing again. Perfect for jotting down EMA’s (E-Mail addresses), phone numbers, or homework assignments. $19 at

Double Cherry Pops

Prelude to a kiss! Here’s a fun little tidbit for lovers….or at least candy lovers. The Double Cherry Pop is whimsical Dutch treat. Grownup lovers can share a pop before stealing a kiss. Younger lollipop lovers will have fun making a wish while trying to break the pops in half. Sometimes all it takes is simple pleasures. $12 for 15 pairs of pops.

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Amorous Amusement! Here is an adorable idea…..passion from Paris…..where romance blooms. Handmade tickets for your lover will give he or she entrance to your world of love. Be as creative as you wish with your love notes, and issue your tickets one by one, using the perforated edges. Tres chic! $22 at

Custom Swarovski Crystal Compact

Sweet Swarovski! A little bling is always acceptable for special occasions! Love Me offers plenty of romantic gifts and the Custom Swarovski Compact is one of my favorites. Their designs are exclusives…….and there is something for every diva in your life. I’d spell my feelings out and go for the Banner Love in red crystals! $98 at

For the pampered puppy! The Happy Puppy Skull Carrier is for little loves up to 11 lbs. Your true love will travel in snuggly style as it is airline approved and loaded with luxe details such as:

  • Two interchangeable handles (including shoulder)
  • Peek-a-boo roll up flap
  • Indestructible wire window
  • Fur-lined removable hard bottom insert
  • Blankie to snuggle
  • Side pocket

Funny how this little gift is the most expensive one on the list! Makes sense…….our doggies are the most precious possession of our lives. Spoil them! $119 at

Spin the bottle! A new game is in town…….in time for Valentine’s Day. No children allowed as this game gets romantic with a spin of some adult flavor. Commands might be G-rated and other’s spin the stakes to R Rated or higher. A great little love game by Jimmyjane at $35. Save 35% with Coupon Code: R5GC6

Valentine's Plates

So sweet and good enough to…… on! This set of four Valentine’s Plates are designed with hearts and animals. Their heart will go pitter-patter year after year. Ceramic and terrific for $19 at

Valentine Paperweight, Pink Heart

Decorate their office, cubicle, or at home desk with a clear statement of love! Designed by British designers Jane Glibbery and Christina Greenhalgh…..the clear glass paperweight comes in a padded gift box…perfect for giving. $28 at

Make this Valentine’s Day a Red letter Day with Kate Spade’s Idiom Bangle! Turn a phrase and win a heart with a stylish bangle bracelet made of enamel and gold plate. She will get the message! $98 at