Charmed I’m Sure: A Bangle Bracelet of Fresh Roses! Thursday, Jul 31 2008 

bracelet of roses

Say it with flowers!
Jane-Carroll’s charming bangle bracelet of mini roses is the newest twist for your wrist, or that of your girlfriend or a special toddler. Made from beautiful roses on a real bracelet form, these stylish and adorable floral bracelets come sized for adults and children ages 2-5. They are a fab fashion statement and the perfect replacement for tired old wristlets. Buy one for yourself and wear it to a beach party or any affair where you wish to be noticed. Buy it for a friend and let the world know it is her birthday! It is also perfect for brides to be. Stash that trashy faux wedding veil in Vegas for bridesmaid parties and have the bride wear this tasteful bracelet instead. Also perfect for the bride to be to wear at a shower or dress rehearsal dinner!

Little one’s will look “oh so” sweet wearing the bracelet for the first day of school, dance recitals, confirmations, or graduations from anything. The bracelets are $27.99 . Add a special wood or sterling charm to make it even more special. Charms are priced from $1.50 – $13.00. You can view the charms here and the bracelets here. Jane packs your bracelet gift in a gorgeous box with coordinating organdy ribbon that matches the flowers inside. Charm your friends with this delightful gift idea!

Working Girl’s Survival Kit! Monday, Jul 28 2008 

If your BFF is a working girl or just got a new job this is a must buy gift! The compact aluminum attache is a genius idea and includes 22 little necessities for all girls : Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental floss, Lip Balm, Mints, Pain Reliever, Hand Lotion, Emery Board, Nail Clipper, Clear Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Hair Brush, Mirror, Deodorant, Tampons, Lint Remover, Mending Kit, Stain Remover, Static Remover, Shoe Shine Wipes, Adhesive Bandages, and Facial Tissue.

Disaster relief for all of life’s unexpected mishaps! $39.95 at Save 35% off on this and anything on the site with Coupon Code: LASTSALE. Expires: July 31 2008

Working Girl's Survival Kit

Floral Tools For Frilly Friends~ Sunday, Jul 27 2008 

Here’s a perfect gift for girls girls!  Perhaps they just moved into a new home or apartment these would make a nice housewarming present.  Also perfect for a Interior Design student or Interior Designer.  This trio of tools proves that “tool time” can be pretty!  Priced from $ 7.50 – $10.00 each. Found at a great little store in Rhinebeck NY


A Tisket A Tasket….A Bicycle Basket! Saturday, Jul 26 2008 

Now, I must admit that it will take a certain kind of girl to appreciate this gift.  It is as unique as the girl receiving it.  She must:  1)  Be a girly girl  2)  Enjoy bike riding   3)  Have a sense of humor and 4) having a cute little Yorkie or French Bull dog to put in the basket wouldn’t hurt!  Found at The New York Botanical Garden website this green and Eco-Friendly plastic basket caught my eye. Reminiscent of Swedish crocheted tablecloths and $54 it is both functional and charming.

Bicycle BasketBicycle Basket Alternate 2

A Friend In Need: Comfort Pillows! Friday, Jul 25 2008 

if your friend is a pain in the neck or has a pain in her neck, the Lavender Comfort Therapeutic Hothouse Comfort Pillows will give some relief in style. They are filled with Buckwheat and French Lavender and can be heated in the microwave to place on sore muscles and ease tension wherever needed. Made of soft linen and silk and printed in soothing designs. Available at for $43.95.

Save 15% with Coupon Code:  HOLIDAY08AT Valid until December 19th

Therapeutics - Lavender Therapeutic Hothouse Comfort Pillows

Gifts For Gourmets! Wednesday, Jul 23 2008 

I have many friends that I would categorize as “gourmets or foodies.” They love food and take their food and dining out seriously. Most of them are also gourmet cooks which can be intimidating at times. The good news is that I know that giving them a gift pertaining to the kitchen, food, or anything about dining will always be appreciated. The problem is…..these “Foodie Friends” have most of what they need already. I find that I must be very creative in my gift selections. Perhaps you have found yourself in the same gift giving situation. I offer the following selection for your own gift giving needs. Bon Appetit!

I cannot tell you how many times I wished I had some spice in my pocket…especially on road trips. Flight 001 has a genius idea in their Organic Mobile Foodie Kit! Inside the slim aluminum box you will find 17 different spices from sea salt to curry powder. There even is a bottle of tobasco sauce for those bland room service omelets! This little spicy gift will make even a seasoned chef smile! $35 at

Bordeaux Canvas Buckets

To Market To Market!  The gourmet shops lot!  These Bordeaux Canvas Buckets are as good looking as they are useful. perfect for a trip to the farmers market……the bread shop……or the wine store.  A chef also might enjoy keeping them on the counter with todays’ fresh produce in them.  Great!  $24 – $32 at

Direct from Di Bruno’s, Philadelphia’s landmark food purveyor, is a wonderful gift for any gourmet. In tradition as the basics of Italian cooking this gift set combines DiBruno’s Private Collection of Extra Virgin Fruttato Olive Oil and Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Together they can create the best vinaigrette or used alone for dipping, drizzling, or glazing. Packaged in a wooden gift box this set is perfect for the serious cook. $59.99 at

Le Cordon Bleu Chef's Apron

Any gourmet on your list and worth their salt, has heard of or attended the Paris’s Le Cordon Bleu School of fine cooking. A chef’s apron embellished with Le Cordon Bleu’s logo will have them cooking in style. It is 100% cotton, can tie twice around the waist and fits most sizes. A very fun and usable gift! $25 at

Jane Carroll, floral artist extraordinaire and interior designer, creates fresh and innovative floral arrangements that can be shipped coast to coast. It was hard to select just one of her whimsical designs, but her Steamer Basket of Orchids and Fresh Veggies is really something special for the creative cook on your list. The recipient receives two steamer baskets…one filled with a medley of fresh vegetables and then topped with a steamer of chartreuse green cymbidium orchids. Beautiful and healthy for your favorite hostess or chef. $95 plus shipping.

I have been an admirer of Laguiole Steak Knives for a while now. They are quite special and made in Laguiole, a small village in the Auvergne Region of France. They have a lifetime guarantee and are really works of art! The name Laguiole is not trademark protected so be careful where you purchase yours. A true laguiole knife is hand forged with solid bolsters in stainless or brass. You should be able to see the logo or name of the French cutler clearly. These steak knives, crafted by Claude Dozorme, are real beauties. They are made from exotic woods including: Madagascar Ebene Palo Santos Chene Palissandre Bbinga and Cade. Each handle is different and that is what makes them so unique. Presented in an Oak Box, this is a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime! $335 at

If I had a hammer…….I would pound a nail into the wall. If your foodie friend had a Seafood Hammer he or she might cook and crack a lobster tail for you! Yes, that’s right, this is a Seafood Hammer designed by Marcus Vagnby for Nuance. It is made completely of stainless steel, and would look great in any kitchen or on any table top when the need arises. Chances are your recipient doesn’t have one of these yet. $64 at

Even for the best of chefs, some things are better left to others. Enter New York’s Rocco’s Pastry Shop. If the foodie in your life happens to be Italian, an ex- New Yorker, or just a pastry lover Rocco’s sweet and scrumptious Cannoli can not be beat! A Greenwhich Village icon Rocco’s has been in business for over 31 years and many a New Yorker has crowned their cannoli the best in the city. I say the best in the country. They will ship them coast to coast for you via overnight delivery. I have used the service many times without disappointment. The yummy Ricotta filling comes separately from the deep fried shell so no soggy dessert for you. All you or your recipient has to do is pipe the cream into the shell and add the chips or pistachios. They are priced at $3.00 for the pistachio cannoli and $3.50 for the chocolate. A sweet treat anyone will love!

Gourmets enjoy all of the Food Network and other cooking shows just like the rest of us. A foodie friend of mine really enjoys the America’s Test Kitchen Program… too! Last year I purchased the companion cookbook for him and he was thrilled! Inside the 2008 edition you will find this year’s best recipes equipment reviews and tasting notes. There is step by step instructions and special notes on why each recipe was selected. In other words….It is The Best Of The Best…from the highly rated PBS show. This best seller will be a best gift, too. The Best Of America’s Test Kitchen 2008 for $26.50 at

One ounce tin Spanish saffron

Saffron.…at $85 an ounce, will be like gold to the chef! This 100% pure and Kosher certified Spanish Saffron by The Gathering from Spain makes a luxe gift. It is said that it is the most popular brand used by chef’s worldwide. Your favorite foodie will use it in risotto, stews, ice teas, ice cream and more. Saffron is often a secret ingredient in many recipes. This saffron comes in a fabulous tin that makes it oh so giftable. The tin is perfect for keeping the saffron fresh and will be used long after the spice is gone. A tasty treat of a gift! Found at

serving trays + cutting boards

I have many cutting boards and none of them look like these! A chef cooks, cuts, and creates. So give them a creative gift that he or she is sure to use. They are so good looking that they also can be used as a serving tray. Available in cherry, ash, or maple wood, and made from fallen hardware trees in Minnesota. At $36 this is an affordable and beautiful gift from

White - Blistered GlazeOilive Oil Decanter Colors

Any cook worth their salt uses Olive Oil. I know that I would appreciate a good looking decanter for my oils. Created by a California ceramic artist and painter, Jeffery, the Greathouse Decanter Set comes in several bright colors and white. Included for $48, is a matching funnel and spare corks. If you purchase three or more, the price is $42 per set. A good looking gift for any finicky foodie. Available at

Finding a new cook’s tool is always a fun challenge. Most of us own a bread knife, but mine looks nothing like this! Simon Pearce has designed Handcrafted Bread Knives that are as beautiful as they are functional. made from Cherry and Maple wood they are sure to please the gourmet in your life. $35.00 at

Visit Again and See What I Cook up For You Next!

Scent It To Them: Scented Drawer Liners! Tuesday, Jul 22 2008 

A Great Gift Idea!

If you haven’t used a scented drawer liner before your clothing is missing out! Drawer liners or papers are an aromatic experience for your dressing ritual. Soap and Paper Factory’s scented drawer papers are delicately scented in your choice of six fragrances: Verbena, Orange Blossom, Rosewood, Green Tea, Fig, and Cinnamon Clove. The paper designs are wonderful and printed on recycled paper. These papers would make a great gift for any female friend…especially one who has just moved into a new home! Available at $28

VerbenaOrange BlossomRosewood

Green TeaFigCinnamon Clove

Laptop Luxury! Sunday, Jul 20 2008 

About a year ago I was on a search for a good looking laptop bag. I wanted it to look stylish, smart, and appropriate for travel. I got very lucky, finding a store closing sale, and bought a $300 red bag for $50. If you are looking to tote your laptop in style, I have found some exceptional bags for you to consider.

Oh My! Kena Kai! Get a luxe look with this premium full grain Italian Leather laptop sleeve. I am coveting this bag! Available also in orange or brown and fits laptops with 13.3 inch screens. this is one of the lovliest sleeves on the marketplace today. Originally $250 and now On Sale for $199.

Sophie Editor Tote - Click Image to Close

For the gal on the go!  GoGoVoyage’s Sophie Editor Tote is great in patent leather!  it’s a celebrity favorite and is fully loaded for style and business.  Available in black….red…or chocolate at $330.  Save an extra 25% Off with Coupon Code:   SPRINGBREAK
Expires:  03/31/09.

The Lodis Milano Piazza Laptop Tote is good looking in a great shade of green. Made of fine Croco printed Italian Leather with a stylish scalloped top edge. It has a dedicated padded laptop compartment with many sections for your other business and personal essentials. $375 at

Compartment Tote

From Chelsea Classics……The Compartment Tote is perfect for a Mac Book or any small laptop. It comes equipped with may compartments and is made from Japanese pebble calfskin. I think the grommets are a great stylish detail. A good look in black or chocolate for $290 at

Andrea Valentini Manhattan

I first saw the Andrea Valentini Bags at Takashimaya-ny. It really is a great looking bag. Her bags have been featured in every style publication from The New York Times to Dwell Magazine. These bags are known not only for their sense of contemporary style but for the sculptural fabrication. She fuses durable fabrics with cellular foams. Very interesting! I found that had some of the best pricing on her bags anywhere. This laptop bag in the Black Bump design is $175.00. Read more about Andrea on her own site at

The Orla Kiely Florescent Trim canvas Portfolio is a fun alternative to the traditional canvas bag. It comes fully loaded with both style and functionality! I love it for it’s simplicity. Now on sale for $231. Originally $330 at

Jet, Set, Go! For the traveling man or woman, this work horse bag by BREE is very cool. It is made of wool felt and has nylon lining. Meant for business on the go, there is plenty of space for files and it is padded for laptops. $320 and now on sale for $160 at

Laptop Dress - Black Croc

The “Jackson” a dressy laptop bag makes an elegant statement! Love the croc look on the rich leather! It features three interior pockets and the lining is a fun pink. It is 14 inches long and 11 inches high…..making it a perfect fit for a MacBook. $169 at

Full slim computer bagFull slim computer bagFull slim computer bagSherry Stein has designed a sleek and slim computer bag that will have you working in style. Made of industrial strength cotton canvas and your choice of suede or maraham wool with chromed steel hardware, it is a good looking bag that functions. Made for 14″ – 17: laptops. $370 at

V09RD Lauren Merkin Laptop Case

You really must click on the below link and see this bag enlarged. Shown in “Eggplant” but also available in Black…Lauren Merkin’s laptop case is very elegant. Her leathers are lovely and the goldtone hardware is not too much. The case comes with a detachable shoulder strap. Not inexpensive at $250..….but not so bad for this type of quality and style.

And look what I found at! It looks like it is the same bag called Abby. Love it in the tomato kidskin. Also $250 and available in three other colors.

Laptop Tote

Nine West has made a great little laptop bag that won’t break the bank……especially since it is on sale now. Available in Brown or Black patent leather. Inside you will find a removable sleeve for your laptop and a padded shoulder strap. Lots of style for the buck with this one. Originally $99 and now only $69.99 Only the brown is on sale.

If you like to mix business with pleasure……here is a playful laptop sleeve. Designed with the famous Paul Smith reverberating stripes pattern… is a stylishly soft solution for protecting your laptop. It is made for MacBooks and has luggage grade zippers and quilted satin lining. A great look for the price of $59 – $85 at

This bag set is one of my favorite looks for the money! The Nunzia Tuscany Designer Leather and Suede Laptop Bag is classic without alot of flash. Part handbag and part briefcase……it will keep you organized with the removable laptop sleeve and cosmetic bag. Fits most laptops 15.4 in size. Available in other color combinations. $102.60 at

The Katrina Leather Buyer Bag in Pearlized Bone by Go Go Voyage is Function and Beauty wrapped up in one great bag! The retractable trolley handle retracts into a hidden pocket so it can be used as a shoulder tote. Inside there is a cotton floral print lining, a separate padded laptop area, and a small leather makeup bag. Best of all you can now get 50% off this bag by using Coupon Code: BLOWOUT. Without code bag is $440. Quite a deal! Note: Not sure when code expires. I found it on their website on July 26 2008.

Safely transport your laptop in style! This neoprene modernistic sleeve will fit most 14″ screens and has qite a bit of style quotient! $34 at

Croc-Embossed Leather Tote

The Croco Embossed Tote is striking and different than most business bags. It has been hand tailored in Italy and made from fine leather with silk lining. Love the bamboo handles! You will also receive a detachable shoulder strap and a separate padded laptop pouch. Available at for $495 Now on sale for $399

Very unique and quite artistic looking, The Casauri Laptop Brief Natura will have you traveling with style! Fully padded and water resistant, this bag is made of nylon and comes with a detachable shoulder strap. Perfect for 14, 15, and 15.25 inch laptops. $95 at

Clark and Mayfield’s Quimby Laptop Tote in seafoam blue is a great look for laptops up to size 15.4 inches. Love the color and the interior means business! It comes with a padded laptop sleeve, a large section for files, detachable padded carrying strap. One great bag! $189 at

Dorothy Laminated Fabric Laptop Tote

Anna Griffin, designer of beautiful paper products, has branched out to great home office products and bags. The Dorothy Fabric Laminated Laptop Tote is one of her designs. The black and white damask is striking ! The tote features a padded laptop sleeve and what looks like leather handles. Tres Chic! $85. Find it here.

The Balenciaga Work Bag just might be the ultimate in work bags! Made from vintage crafted lambskin….and has all of the luxe details Balenciaga is known for. You better get the job if you show up for the interview carrying this! Expensive but aren’t you worth it? $1595 at

If you don’t mind standing out in a crowd……the Traci Bag in giraffe print is stylish and functional at the same time. It comes fully loaded for bsiness. Inside there is a suede padded compartment for the laptop. You will also find sections for files and computer accessories. Outside there are pockets galore for quick access to cell phones and other necessary items. This is one wild bag. Find it at

Come Back Soon For More Great Laptop Bags!

Chic Cosmetic Cases~ Friday, Jul 18 2008 

Cosmetic Cases or Bags make a great gift alone or filled with your favorite cosmetic items for your BFF’s. Beauty Habit has a few beauties for your gift giving selection. The cases are made of silk scarves and have vinyl linings to make them both pretty and practical. They come in both a medium and small size and are priced from $22 – $26. If you are hosting a girl’s lunch, they would make beautiful table gifts when tied with colorful silk ribbons! No paper needed. You can save an additional 20% Off by using Coupon Code: INSTYLE08. Offer Expires: 07/31/08.





In A Clutch For Glamour~ Thursday, Jul 17 2008 

I do love a good clutch bag for day or night. To me the style and shape of a clutch just seems a bit more sophisticated than your average Hobo bag. For three days only Vivre is having a sale on many of their featred clutch bags. Use Coupon Code: for 20% Off Until 07/19/08.

Here is the best of Clutch Glam from

The Rockstar Box Clutch is a knockout for evening glam! Small Grey beads and large crystals bring enough bling to make you a star! $325 at

Sleek and stylish the Shiny Silver Clutch by Kotur with its’ vintage inspired brocade interior will make a fashion statement! $348 at

Oh how pretty! Inspired by Brazilian flora Luciana Paiva’s green Rectangle Clutch features hand-painted and hand stitched sequins. The rectangular stones will reflect your style with a glowing sheen. $675 at

Lotus Arts de Vivre makes beautiful handbags. Vivre features a handpainted clutch that screams glamour! The black and gold flower motif on rattan is hand made and has a sterling silver coin purse attached. $1500 Found at

Give The Gift Of Luxury Zzzzzzzzz’s! Saturday, Jul 12 2008 

If you know a woman that has a passion for the finer things in life, and she loves her jammies, here is the perfect gift. As seen on Extra and in the New York Times and Travel in Leisure, these Embroidered Pajamas are made with a very high thread count of 100% Egyption Cotton. They come in many designs and colors, and arrive in their own wonderful pillow case. Use the case to cover those nasty airline pillows while traveling. Your recipient of your could taste and these pajamas will not only thank you, but they will be counting threads instead of sheep while they sleep! $148 at

Fly Away Shoely Obsessed

Sweet Dreams Heart Ties

Rah! Rah! Rana Pouch by Marc Jacobs~ Saturday, Jul 12 2008 

I love a good evening bag. You don’t use them often, or maybe you do. It is so much fun, when the occasion merits a special bag, going into your closet and unwrap one of your lovelies! Marc Jacobs’ Rana Pouch may just have to find a home on my shelf. I must admit, I had to look up the word Rana, to find its meaning. Of course, it means “a genus of frogs.” But of course….look at the bag. In Arabic it also means “Pretty Little Girls With Beautiful Eyes.” Leave it to Marc. Love the fluorescent colors, and of course black is always a staple. The looped wrst handle allows you a free hand to dance, hold a cocktail, or shake a hand. Fun! $795 at

Now on Sale for $479.00

Pillow Talk! Wednesday, Jul 9 2008 

Please Visit My New Site For a new selection of great pillows!

I must admit, I am a bit pillow crazed! Pillows are an easy and sometimes affordable way to introduce color into your home, They are also an easy way to update your home when your budget doesn’t call for a complete re-do. No matter what your decorating style or lifestyle, I hope you find a pillow here that you can lounge on, live with, admire, and talk about.

Soft Rocks By Tanya Aguiniga

Rock on with Soft Rocks by Los Angeles artist Tanya Aguiniga. They are divine and oh so creative! Made from upholstery foam scraps, goatland wool and various wool yarns. Available in three sizes and priced from $50 – $150 at Take 20% Off with Coupon Code: spring09 Expires April 17th.

Pierre Frey’s linens are luxe and lovely…always! The Gary cushion in pink and chocolate brown becomes a bon bon for the bed or sofa. Love the tassel and color combination! Made of cotton and bemberg-silk at $ 187.93 each. Find them at Artedona.

Give your room the Midas touch! Designed by Los Angeles designer IGE…….this feather and down pillow with metallic feather motif will really add a touch of glam to any piece of furniture. Luxe and very unique! $156 at

Aviva Stanoff’s pillows are always luxe and lovely. The Ivoire Collection is no exception. Hand dyed…painted…and etched… at a time. Both versions are made of silk and velvet. Sure to be as soft feeling as it is soft looking. Elegant for the blue and white decor or pair it with silver. 4250 each at Save 15% with Coupon Code: SPRING9. Expires March 31st.

Needlepoint Organza with Chartreuse Crystal Beads

Deborah Main Designs creates some of the most stunning pillows I have seen. Each is handmade from luxury fabrics and trims. The Needlepoint Organza with Chartreuse Crystal Beads is oh so elegant! The pillow is topped in organza over a rose colored cotton. Gorgeous ribbons from Paris and beads from India embellish this lovely pillow. Please take a look at a detailed photo at $450

Maritime Crisscross Rope Pillow

Give your decor a jaunty look with Williams Sonoma’s Maritime Pillow. Perfect for your boat…..summer home……or anywhere that needs a spring spruce up. Hard to tell by the photo here….it is a Navy Cotton Canvas with Ivory Linen pillow. A very sharp look. $88 at

Roy Barloga Pillows

I think that the Roy Barloga pillows…..made exclusively for Hazelnut New Orleans…….are just fabulous! Roy is a noted photographer who has found a way to transfer his work to fabric. Three designs are available. Pictured is Audubon Fountain. You actually get two pillows in one……each pillow is backed in a cafe au lait toile. Add an artistic touch to your home for $92 at

Oh be still my heart! These pillows are worthy of being the focus and design inspiration of an entire nursery around! They are gender neutral and well……wonderful! You can now get them for $25 each. Originally $75 at


I was thrilled to find the New York designer……Sylvie Guieysse Collection of fabulous pillows tonight! Her artistry is evident in each of her six collections of decorative pillows. Each pillow is a vibrant mix of color and pattern. Pictured above is The Geisha Pillow…part of the Retro Pop collection. It is made with a rich cotton velvet and toille. I love the mix of classic toille with a contemporary pattern. This pillow speaks style1 Priced from $0 – $80 depending on size.


From Sylvie Guieysse again! The Blanc Pillow….from the Couture Collection…. is really a work of art. Make a real statement in black and white felted wool and wool cotton velvet. It is both feminine and masculine…….making it perfect for any contemporary home or apartment. Priced from $70 – $100 at

Tea Ceremony

i can’t stop myself with Sylvie’s pillows! The Tea Ceremony pillow….from the Far East Collection… a pop of contemporary color. I imagine it a painting of wonderful Japanese lanterns. A lovely and lively accent for the home. $70 at

Shabby Chic Official Store, SBCH-1483 Gold Crown Grain Linen, shabbychic.comShabby Chic Official Store, SBCH-1486 Vintage Bullion Pillow,

If your personal style is more shabby chic than modern ……..Rachel Ashwell’s pillows might suit your decor. These two pillows will look great together. One in silk and the other in linen burlap…..the two textures play well together. Crown your sofa with The Gold Crown Pillow. The crown creates a touch of whimsy to your style. $165. The Vintage Bullion Pillow is a luxe look for any room. $125 Both can be found at

Cashmere L-O-V-E Pillow

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! The cashmere LOVE pillow! Yes….you recognize the 1964 design from Robert Indiana. The design is iconic and so is this pillow. Find someone to cuddle up with and enjoy the softness of cashmere and down. Made in Italy for $325

Yves Delorme Orange On Time Pillow

Talk about couch potato time! Add some whimsy and a bold splash of color with Yves Delorme’s Orange On Time Pillow. This pillow will make the entire room happy! $144 at

tin-stripe pillow cover

If you are looking to make a bold statement in color…..look no further than West Elm for the Tin Strip Pillow Covers! The uneven stripes and contemporary colors create an abstract aesthetic. Love the names of the colors…..horseradish…..cordovan……nile. The covers are silk and priced at $29 each. Down alternative inserts are $14 at

Eye Candy for the Couch! This bright and happy pillow in candy colors by Koko Company…….will add a whimsical touch to to many decor styles. It is made from Cotton Twill and priced at $110 at

Add a bit of shine to your room with this faux leather Mosaic Pillow! it is stylish and contemporary in silver with scattered tassels of gold. It would be a glamorous touch to a neutral color pallet. Priced at $75 at

What a great look for a contemporary home! The color and texture of this felt pillow makes it a work of art. Created by Finnish born and London based designer, Anne Kyyro Quinn, the pillow is both tactile and comfy. Simply fab! $390 at

Overscaled Damask Pillow

Yellow and white Damask will bring a breath of Springtime into your home! Large scale damask in wool on pure linen pillows…….this pillow has a touch of whimsy about it. The pillows’ style will compliment any style of decor. I can imagine this pillow with a silver or gray sofa. Lovely! $88 at

How to brighten up a tired sofa or chair! The Guild’s leather bolster pillows designed by Anna Millea are mod and marvelous! Hand painted on black or white leather…..they are finished with fun coordinating buttons at each end. $230 at

Velvet XL Cushion

I am sitting in a red and black room as I type. The two colors are very energizing and romantic. This pillow would work perfectly in my room. Made of bespoke velvet with a screen printed black vintage pattern. It is extra large and 30″ x 30″ in size and $225 each. Lovely!

I love to visit The Silk Trading Company in Chicago.….it is one of my happy places. The colors and fabrics are so alive. They design great and affordable pillows, and The Julianne is just wonderful. The colors of Chocolate and Fuchsia create an sophisticated color story. The pillow has an incredible sheen. I can envision creating an entire room around this pillow! $73 at Also available in five other color combinations.

Aren’t these pillows just the best? The vibrant colors and sharp contrast of graphic design creates a very rich and modern look for any room in your home. They are all cotton canvas and hand silk screened. Available in a variety of sizes and patterns and priced from $65 – $115. For ordering information go to

The Pleasure Garden Pillow BlackThe Pleasure Garden Pillow GreenThe Pleasure Garden Pillow Red

If you have an eclectic home or just enjoy fine art, perhaps you can appreciate the delightful Stig Lindberg “Pleasure Garden Pillows.” It is an original textile design by the talented Swedish artist. I found these pillows to be one of the best pillows on the marketplace. Available in three vibrant colorways, and specially priced at $49 at Sofa Art!

I have long admired the Ann Gish line of bedding and accessories for it’s use of luxurious fabrics, and playful but elegant designs. Her Fancy Pants Pillows (great name) are perfect examples of the designer’s point of view. Made of charmeuse and just charming! Best of all they come in eight fanciful colors. Prices vary by size of pillow from $195 -$256 at

Missoni Cushions & Poufs - Berlin

Black and White perfection! Love the Missoni Berlin Cushions. This pillow is very versatile as it reverses to each pattern pictured. Available in three sizes: 12×24″, 14×31.5″ & 16×16″ and priced from $199 -$270 at

Dot, Dot, Dash Cushion [03 75753 500]Dot, Dot, Dash Bolster [03 75755 500]

Get some style S.O.S with the MacKenzie Childs Dot Dot Dash Pillows! They are bold and bright in black and white with a dash of gold dutchess satin. They certainly will add pizazz to your black and white decor! priced $250 – $275 at

three little ziglets that's toile name pillows

If you are decorating a child’s room in toile……the Three Ziglets That’s Toile Name Pillow …… very well done. All are hand appliqued and custom made for your little one. Also available in chocolate and pink. $75.00 at

Isn’t this pillow just fabulous? The Amy Butler Design Reversable Big Boxy 4 Pillow is actually two pillows in one! Pictured is the two sides of the pillow, both in pretty prints of 100% Cotton Sateen Nigella Home Decor Fabric. They are generous in size at 24″ x 24″ so they can be used both as a Floor Cushion or as a Decorative Pillow on the sofa or bed. Charming! $82 at

These Keshte Pillows by Ankasa are so alive with color, they will make any room a happy place. They are hand embroidered on a beige linen background. A few of these and you will transform your space into a tropical hideaway. Rectangular Pillow $292. 21″ x 21″ Square Pillow $282. Both at

There could be no more chic cushions than The Designer’s Guild Roquelaire Cushion! I am in pillow heaven with the rococo design and fabulous color stories! A luxe look for sure….there is nothing casual about these silk jacquard 18″ x 24″ with a tailored silk trim pillows. Pictures show the front and back image of each pillow $170 at

I selected Crate and Barrel’s Layla Pillow for those of you who are working with a neutral color pallet. Love that this pillow is a wool with felt circles. A good wool pillow is hard to find. The appliqued circles give it texture and depth. The insert is feather and down, so it will be comfy. One great pillow for the price. $59.95 at


Oooo LaLa! The Folies Bergeres Pillow certainly will add some spice to life at home! It is made of mixed wool and feathers. Sold at $135. Tres chic!

If you wish to accent your modern home with black and white, these Bliss Home pillows might be a terrific touch. Love the simple graphic images! Mixed together the two pillows create a soft artistic look to your bed or sofa. The Anis pillow with graphic single stem is $25. The Black and White Stitched Marcus Pillow is $15. Lots of style for the money. But wait! Use Coupon Code: luckybreaks12 for 25% Off everything at Offer expires August 31st

victorian collection colors<br><b>ON SALE 40% OFF</b>

If you are looking to infuse your home with a Victorian vibe that has a contemporary feel and color pallet, Lots Bleu’s pillows are just fab! They are all cotton with an embroidered foreground and silkscreened background. The colors are lucious and the inserts are down and feather. Best of all..they are on sale now from $40 – $52 at

I admire anything with embroidery on it. Just thinking about someone sitting down with needle and thread sewing something I might purchase, makes me smile. I also realize the amount of work and talent involved. The Kaleidoscope Embroidery Pillow is modern, fun, bright and cheery! it is $74 at

Pale Apricot Sequined PillowObi Sequin Silk Charmeuse - Mauve

Obi Sequin Silk Charmeuse - GoldObi Sequin Silk Charmeuse - Dark Green

Michele Varian designs lighting handbags home accessories and best of all….decorative throw pillows. Her site offers so many outstanding designs it was hard to select just one style to profile. I chose the Obi Silk Charmuse Pillows because of their intricate beading and wonderful trims. Beading is hard to do without looking, well,…. cheap. These pillows are beautiful and stylish. A perfect way to add some glam to any room! Pillows come in Gold, Mauve, or Dark Green and are $248 except for the Pale Apricot Seqined Pillow which is on sale for $95. Click on each color link to go directly to that pillow.


It seems that I can’t get enough of Damask Pillows these days. I just had to post these pretty Palazzo Pillows. The jewel tones are gorgeous 100% silk and come in a generous 16 x 16 size for only $28.99 at

Click to view this ProductJe T'Aime Cushion by Atsuyo et AkikoLove Cushion by Atsuyo et Akiko - Click to enlarge

Bonne Nuit Cushion by Atsuyo et Akiko - Click to enlarge

Click to view this ProductClick to view this ProductClick to view this Product

If You have a contemporary home and happen to be working with brown and blue, Jonathan Adler has designed some pillows for you! They each come in two sizes and are priced at $95 for Small and $175 for Large. Groovy!

Artist Aviva Stanoff creates hand painted, etched, and dyed silk and velvet pillows, that are drop dead gorgeous. One of my favorites is the Eucalyptus design done in Smolder and Fuji. No two are exactly alike as they are each painted and made one at a time. Available in two sizes and priced from $190 – $250 at

Pillow Seabloom Black-Cream OromonoPillow Seabloom Red-Cream Oromono

Textiles > Oromono Sea Bloom Pillows

British designer, Kristy Ann Powell’s Oromono Sea Bloom Pillows, add a bit of organic beauty to your home. Love the three dimensional design and the classic color combinations. Made of English wool, these pillows are like art work for your sofa. $195 at

If you have a house at the shore or beach, or even if you wished you did, the ultrasuede Sea Motif Pillow Collection at Mecox is exceptional! Pillows are 22″ x22″ and stitched to perfection. $375 each.

Go wild with decorating and John Robshaw’s Circus pillows! These handpainted pillows are distinctive and will add a touch of whimsy to your eclectic room. Priced from $115-$150 at

Click here to view larger image

A graphic image always makes a bold statement. If it happens to be done in silver embroidery on black velvet, the statement becomes a bit fancy. Even if your digs aren’t ornamental and palatial, an image of a chandelier will add a touch of whimsy to any room. $59.95 at

A pillow in bloom! The Jenna Pillow is a lovely pillow with a surprise. Beautifully hand sewn and deconstructed in light pink tweed menswear fabric. Soft vs Masculine. Love it! 18 x 18 and down filled for $75 at

Floral Cushion

If you have a modern sensibility and wish to add a jolt of color to your home the Floral Cushion from Eden and Eden might be perfect! Made of bespoke cotton with a velvet fuchsia reverse, it is both colorful and a soft touch for your interior space. $125 at

This 20 x 20 inch pillow by Shuzy is chock filled with details! Made of silk with beige suede flowers and hand sewn beads, it is truly a work of art! On sale now for half price $65 at

More Stylish Pillows to come!

Gifts Of Beauty For Girlie Girlfirends Thursday, Jul 3 2008 

When in doubt, buy something Beautiful for your friend. Afterall, can we ever have enough cosmetics, smell good things, bubble baths, spa treatments? Nah! I have a bathroom filled with lovely beauty gifts I have been given or have presented to myself. It is mighty fun not spending the hard earned dollars on these type of things. Here are my suggestions for gifts of beauty that will get you kudos for your great taste, from your favorite friend. Wish we had Smell Shopping here!

Isn’t this a pretty little bauble? Besides being lovely to look at, it is filled with 40 Ounces of Wish no23 bubble bath. Admitingly, I haven’t tried this brand, I am only recommending it on looks alone….the bottle is gorgeous! But how could you go wrong with notes of Rice Flower & Bergamot, Almond Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, and Avacado Oil, and bubbles? It is sure to soften the heart of any recipient! $48.00 at

Now here is something I can talk about! The Lollia Relax Eveining Bubble Bath is a great gift for anyone on your list. I received this as a thoughtful gift from Ms. Barbara, and I really enjoyed it. Not only does the scent send me…think white flowers and fruit oil.…the vitamin E oil leaves you feeling silky long after the bubbles have gone. Equally as lovely is the cork sealed bottle! The recipient will feel as if she is opening up a bottle of fine wine! Terrific gift that will leave you smelling pretty! $ 32 at

Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Milk Souffle is my “go to gift,” for girlfriends I love. Why? Because I love and use this product myself. The fragrance is irresistible…at least my husband thinks so. With notes of almond, coconut, vanilla, and powdered sugar with a hint of cinnamon, it smells good enough to eat. It comes in a very large jar (12 ounces) and keeps you moisturized all day. I wear it to bed at night and smell and sleep very sweetly. Scrumshish! $55 at

Orgasm Lip Gloss And Nail Polish Gift Set ($40 Value)

Do you have a friend who is looking for The Big O? Of course, you do! Well, here it is, and whether you buy dinner is up to you. Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss And Nail Polish Set is a must have. The color is fantastic…kind of a peachy pink that gives you that “afterglow.” Gloss is gleamy great. I haven’t tried the nail polish, but I think it would be a perfect toe nail color! Wonderful present for any girlfriend….without strings attached. Found only at for $30.

Nail the perfect gift…….The Robertson Exclusive from Chanel Cosmetics! Designed in a limited edition jst for the shopping mecca Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. California cool colors are as bright and fun as a California day. Besides the names with attitude and the quality of Chanel’s nail lacquer, your gift becomes even more special as these great polishes can only be purchased on or at The Robertson Chanel Boutique. If you have a big gift budget, give all for colors or add a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure to your favorite color. $25 each at