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I would like to be clear right from the beginning. I am not a Beauty Expert. I do not represent any cosmetic company. No one pays me for my opinion. I do not have any alterior motives. What I am is a consumer who loves to play with makeup, has spent enough money on makeup, over the years, to fund a few college educations, and I believe in good skincare. I am familiar with the best products in the cosmetic industry, and I use them. I also use products that are lesser known, believing that any one cosmetic line cannot have the best of everything. The following are a few of my favorite things. I know that these products work for me. I hope that they work for you, as well.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisurizer. It has won more Beauty Awards than you can count. I agree. It is a marvelous product that I can count on, hour after hour, year after year. It is part of Mercier’s Flawless Face Product line. I cannot say that the tinted moisturizer makes my face look flawless, because it doesn’t…….it is not magic. It does, however, make it look better!

It is lightweight with a lovely slip or spreadability. My skin feels hydrated after application and there is noticable color. The coverage is sheer, but the glow that it imparts is both healthy and forgiving. My fine and not so fine lines are softened after application. Mercier states that it has an antioxident vitamin complex that fights free radicals. That’s a good thing, but what I find most important is the SPF20 factor,as I have learned the hard way………sun on your face equals future wrinkles!

I use the moisturizer for slight coverage when I first get up on certain mornings, just to look decent when having a lazy weekend morning, or as a house guest when traveling, and often when sunbathing. I have also mixed it with liquid foundation, as Laura Mercier suggests, to achieve a more sheer finish during the warm summer months. If you don’t like to wear foundation at all, this might be the perfect product for you! The product comes in seven shades, from porcelain to walnut. I wear Nude in the winter months and Sand in the summer. I have a medium skintone. There also is an oil-free version of the tinted moisturizer. Though I have normal skin…not too dry, not too oily, I found that the oil free moisturizer was not hydrating enough. On my skin, it just didn’t spread well. It did offer, the same healthy glow, however. It is a wonderful product that works for $42.00 at

Serious Skin Care InstA-tox Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Serum 2-pack

Oh how I hesitated to feature this little miracle worker! Now my secret is out of the bag. This is one product that I wouldn’t be without……EVER! I am at that age where pesky little and big facial lines and wrinkles are rearing their ugly imprints on my face daily! How could this happen to me? The thought of injecting a poisonous substance into my skin, is very unappealing. I worry about the future effects of Botox. It works beautifully, but to me….poison is poison. Enter Jennifer Flavin Stalone’s Serious Skin Care, and her Facial Firming, Wrinkle Smoothing Serum……InstA-tox.

What it does……it temporarily fills in and softens lines and wrinkles and makes pores appear tighter. What it doesn’t do……it doesn’t take them away! How does it work? Honestly, I don’t know what type of ingredients are in this product. My guess is that there some sort of silicone for one. You must apply to very clean and dry skin. Pat the product directly on each line and wrinkle. Avoid using too much. You will know if you have used too much, as a white film will be left on the area of your treated skin. If this happens, wipe of with a small bit of moisturizer and start over. Smooth on pore areas that you wish to appear tighter. Do not rub in. Once applied, wait about three minutes until the product dries and disappears on your skin. Voila! Your lines and wrinkles are diminished, and you are ready for the rest of your beauty routine. The serum remains active, for me, until I cleanse my face. The downside, it may take a couple of applications to get the hang of using this serum. After a year of using it, I never have an issue.

The Results: My lines and wrinkles are softened by about 70%. Not totally gone, but so much better. I particularly like the results I see on the nose to mouth lines. InstA-Tox is my Botox in a bottle, and it works. I purchase mine at and have it auto-shipped to me every 2 months. Two tubes for $44.50.

Liquidlast Liner

Mac Cosmetics have so many fun products and great colors in every product line. One of my favorite products of Mac is the LiquidLast Liner. Boy does it last! Truly one of the best eyeliners I have ever used! The ability to make a precise line, thick or fine, is key in selecting an eyeliner. The thin pointed brush of LiquidLast makes this possible. The application is effortless. If you make a mistake, or an uneven line, you have about 30 seconds, in my experience, to correct your error. After that, you will need makeup remover to clean up your mess. It is extremely long lasting and smudge free after final application. i usually don’t remove the eyeliner before going to bed, and when I awake, I still have the perfect line on my lid. Mac does not state so,but this product is waterproof. I have tested it… has survived swimming and crying….without a smudge. True to Mac style, it comes in 16 colors. My favorites are Point Black and Inkspill, a very dark green. At $16.50 maybe you can try more than one color!

Close this window Buckwheat Buffing Soap

Pictured above are two products that have changed the look and feel of my feet forever! I have never used either product alone, starting from the beginning with both products, thanks to the sage advice of an employee of Bigelow Chemists at Chicago’s Water Tower Place. I went in looking for a foot miracle after trying every imaginable product…..expensive and cheap. NOTHING worked on my cracked heels and calluses. I am here to say that the transformation of the condition of my feet after two weeks of using these products, twice a day, was unbelievable! My feet were really bad, even with monthly pedicures. They were at the point that the skin just hurt to walk barefoot.

The DDF Pedi-Cream in a 4 oz. tube, has 10% glycolic acid as it’s second ingredient. 10% is a high percentage of this acid, and so I thought it might have a chance to work. It did! Within a week, my callouses were softened and the cracked heels were healing. I enjoyed the rather strong smell of spearmint and menthol of the cream. It provided a cooling relief to my tired and sore feet. Not inexpensive at $30 but worth every penny!

While using this product, I was also using Davies Gate Buckwheat Buffing Soap. Love this product! It actually suds up and cleans your feet while you are exfoliating the dead skin. The working agents are intense…..Buckwheat Hulls, Loofah, and Volcanic Pumice. There is a slight smell of Peppermint, provided by the infused Peppermint oil. Pleasant! The three ingredients provide the perfect polish to your feet. Much more pelasant than using a buffing plane or a plain pumice stone. My routine was to buff with the feet soap and then apply the DDF Pedi-Cream. After two weeks of this routine and the use of both products the cracks in my heals were almost totally gone. $10 and it lasts forever! Two products that I wouldn’t be without.

I have spent many years and dollars looking for the perfect concealer. I have only tried luxury concealers (i.e. no drugstore brands) such as Laura Mercier, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and the like. All disappointed. About two months ago I read a glowing review about Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer. Apparently it has a cult following and is a fave of celebrity makeup artists. Now a favorite of mine! It covers dark circles like a dream, brightening and lightening the look under your eyes beautifully. It is said to be great for blemishes, rosacea, and sun spots. Thankfully, I don’t have those problems, but I do have the occasional dark circle, and at my age any brightening under the eye is an improvement! The product applies very easily and has a very silky feel to it. It leaves my skin dewy under the eye, and blends nicely over and under my foundation. I found mine at Sephora, and no one helped me or told me about the product…..fine by me. I selected my perfect shade, Light Golden, from the available eight shades. A little bit goes a long way, and that is a good thing as it comes in a small .5 ounce tube for $40. I also use it as an eyeshadow base, and it keeps my eyeshadow on all day and night, until I wash it off. Two months into the tube, I still have more than half of the product left. Not bad! Truly an Amazing product! You won’t be disappointed. Find it at, or

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